The Boats

The boats are wooden boats with two decks, basic and basic equipped. It is backpacker style and offers not much comfort. Therefore don't expect too much regarding your comfort!

The wooden boats with two decks are equipped with
 * life jackets
 * radio
 * one or two life rafts depending on the size of the boat
 * matresses, blankets and pillows
 * snorkeling gears for sharing (masks and snorkels, no fins)
 * fresh water for taking a traditional shower
 * kitchen
 * storage room for the luggage
 * a toilette to share

There are no chairs and tables on the boat. One has to sit on the floor on a carpet. You sleep on the upper deck on matresses. During the trip your luggage gets stored under the first deck.

Boat Data:

Length      : 18 to 20 m depending on the boat used
Width        : 3.5 m to 4.5 m depending on the boat we use
Engine       : Yanmar 24 hp to 30 hp
Sail            : only to help the engine
Crew          : 5 to 6 persons
Capacity     : 22 to 35 to people

Boat Facilities
The boat is not luxury! It is a local basic buginese wooden boat, basic equipped without much comfort. Backpacker style for low budget trvelers! Fresh water to take a shower is limited. Radio communication is available on board. Life jackets are provided. For noise sensitive travelers the sound of the engines might disturb your sleep in case the boat travels during the night or early morning. Nevertheless it is a great adventure for an affordable price for a four day journey and the listed service.

Some boats have one to two cabins. They are very simple and only offer space for a double mattress. The advantage is that you have more privacy. The disadvantage it might be hot in the cabin and you also hear the engine of the boat during the night.

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